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Greatest Needs

My current greatest need:


Go ahead, give it a try. It’s not a scam. Suspend your disbelief enough to “open” to me.

I am best at reading the emotions, intentions and character of people with whom you have a connection. I do NOT want details, explanations or context, and I do not chat. I ask only for a good, specific question and the spellings of first names.

$2/minute. Average reading time = 15 minutes.

Accepted payments: Paypal, cash, credit cards.

New customers: Please pre-pay $20 to cover the 10-minute minimum. Call me at 800-355-1283 (or my local cell if you have it). After the reading, if we talk more than 10 minutes, you will make a final payment.

Jamalia is my Spirit name. PsychicEmpathJamalia.com is my website.

Here are “former greatest needs,” which as of yet are still needed.


Once again, cattle are pushing me out of my camping/parking spot.
I need a place to camp that has:
NO CATTLE now or in the future;
no horses or dogs because my dogs might chase them;
cell phone coverage so I can continue to work;
level ground;
PLEASE contact me if parking on your property is a possibility.
Thank you!


I need to be able to sit in the car while it rains and still get fresh air. Currently, I have to close all four windows. Even with the cooler temperatures that often come during thunderstorms, it remains muggy and hot inside the car with me and two dogs breathing.


screenshot from Autoanything.com

Autoanything.com makes visors that easily install above the car windows to catch water dripping from the roof. Since the windows lean slightly inward, that runoff is a large part of the rain that gets inside the car.

Because I sleep in the car and am extremely sensitive to mold, any moisture inside my car is a problem.

I shopped around the Internet and AutoAnything has the best deal that I found. I have a 2005 Subaru Outback. I contacted the company and they clarified that when they say that the visors cost $64.99 a “pair,” they actually mean for all four visors. You might want to confirm that.

A gift of these visors would help make the dogs and me more comfortable every time it rains, which is almost every day this time of year.

Please join my growing congregation of angels and order me these visors!


I need a cool and dry place with Internet access and cell phone reception to work on my computer and take phone calls.

My two dogs will also need a place to hang out while I work — outside or inside, but with no exposure to other animals.

I am burning unnecessary gas parked at wifi spots with the engine and air conditioning on.

The following are needs fulfilled! Thank you angels!


When I was in fifth grade, around the same time I had a vision of Jesus surrounded by angels, I believed that God had told me to start keeping a diary.

For decades, I felt terrible guilt when I did not record major events in my diary. God’s plan was that my journals would some day help people. How I came to believe that I do not remember, but it was a strong conviction most of my life.

I now have 40+ years of written, typed and word-processed journals along with boxes of photos, my father’s (secret) recordings of phone calls with me and accompanying notes, letters to and from friends, travel mementos, published and unpublished papers and articles, and even a first draft of a memoir.

All will likely soon be lost.

I have until June 20 to find a new home for those journals (and other less important but monetarily valuable belongings and furniture) or lose it all.

Alternatively, $300 for June and July storage unit rent and someone to pay that bill moving forward, would also save it all.

Please contact me if you know of free dry, rodent-free storage space for a couple dozen boxes of papers, or if you can donate the storage bill.


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