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Contact Deborah (a.k.a. Jamalia)

Contact options (in code to discourage spam harvesters):

1. Call her cell 5 2 0 – six zero three – 9 1 3 six

2. Email her psychic reading business: Deborah at PsychicEmpathJamalia dot com

3. Enter a public comment on any post on this website.

4. Click and the system will place calls to connect you to me!Call Jamalia now for a psychic reading.

5. Payments for psychic readings, tips, or gifts may be sent to Paypal account e-mail
j e a n o e l l e @ a o l.com (without the extra spaces).

6. Use the following form, which will be sent to her private email address:

Thank you! Deborah looks forward to hearing from you!

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