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Inanna and Gilgamesh: Me and My Lover

Inanna, the goddess who survived many ordeals, knelt by a tree longing for a bed. It was her spirit-friend tree, her solace, the sanctuary to which she escaped when life was too much. Yet the Queen of the Underworld (her dark sister) had taken over the tree, embedding herself comfortably in the trunk. And a serpent lazily twined around, up and down Inanna’s previous source of hope. As she despaired, a friend appeared. Gilgamesh and Inanna had had hard times and would have more. But they cared for and respected each other, and now he was there to help. Now, Gilgamesh was no saint. He was king of Uruk, and we all know that...
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Tent not so waterproof in hard rain storm

I just ripped a 2-1/2 foot slit in my tent’s roof while using a former shovel handle to push up and out the pools of water accumulating in the latest heavy rain storm. Duct tape doesn’t adhere well to wet nylon. So I have a fast leak filling up the dogs’ indoor water bowl. And more pools accumulating in the outside tarps, not all of which I can reach from inside (stick or no stick). I’ll see if I can get the video and pics posted.
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Dating as a Homeless Woman

I’ve re-entered the world of Internet dating, something I did a bit of 12 years ago and really enjoyed. Living in a tent complicates those early communications, when you want to share honestly but without divulging too much. Here’s an excerpt today from my third phone conversation with an interesting prospect: “Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person?” he asked. “Well, I spend a lot of time outdoors,” I answered.
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January 2014: Mold Slows Me Down

It’s early August and I’m catching up blog entries by posting monthly summaries: * January: I’ve been here close to two months when I notice my health starts declining. As wonderful as this camp site is, it is close to a creek, full of dying mesquite trees covered in lichens, on top of fertile soil covered in two kinds of mushrooms — a giant type with dark ‘dust’ inside and a smaller button-sized species. Plus, the site used to be an animal corral, so every day I walk over old horse manure. A pig, chickens and other critters also lived here. An old stock pond at the edge of camp is dried out now...
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December 2013: I Move from my Car to a Tent

It’s early August and I’m catching up blog entries by posting monthly summaries: *December: A landowner invited me to move onto about 15 acres of his land, at the base of a cliff below his house. It’s private: Only two neighbors drive by, plus guests and sightseers. I never thought a two-sided metal shack would seem like paradise, but I make this former feed-storage shelter into my kitchen. It has a leveled plywood floor. I have electric! The landowner generously improved his well pump’s electric hookup, located on ‘my’ driveway, into a higher powered set of plugs capable of supporting a few outdoor extension cords. He also loaned me an electric spaced heater, so...
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Dumpster Diving with Paddlewheel Alliance Friends

Thank you to my old hippie friends for helping me avoid hunger today. I went to college in Bloomington Indiana, which remained beloved in my memory and imagination for many years after finally graduating. Just like in my college prep high school, my friends were not the well-to-do BM&WOC (to modify the phrase “big man on campus” from my parent’s post-war college days). I made my friends in the various all-volunteer movement groups to which I devoted the majority of my time. The Paddlewheel Alliance fought to stop construction of a nuclear power plant on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River. Its construction was halted in 1984 in large part due to the plant’s...
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Thanks to All Shoppers

Since a fair number of local people read this blog, I want to express my gratitude to all who made purchases and the weekend sales I had in August and September. I raised more than $1,100 selling furniture, lamps, jewelry and other items, and also decreased the storage space needed for the remaining furniture. Thanks especially to Kathy O’Brien, who loaned me the empty office space and generously made other arrangements. Thanks to her I have monthly dog food at no cost and saved my journals and other possessions when I was about to lose my old storage unit. Items still available: bicycle (hybrid mountain and street), classy wall fan, uncut countertops, high quality...
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International Visitors to this Blog

From the start I have wondered how people in other countries find this blog, but the answer is the same as anyone in this country: Search engines like Google. One visitor stood out today. My readership dropped after recent computer problems prevented me from posting daily. So I was surprised that today I had 194 page loads. Looking at the usage statistics for today I discovered someone in Switzerland had searched www.Google.ch for the keywords “homeless for my health.” I was fifth and sixth in the results. They subsequently spent more than three hours on the blog and had 125 page views. I have to assume that counts one page’s reloading multiple times, because...
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Still A Woman

I once heard a local woman say, “I might be a rancher, but I’m still a woman.” Likewise. I might be homeless, but I still like to look good. By the way: I am hungry and broke. Again.
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I Do a Car Full of Laundry

My friend S and her husband went out of town for her daughter’s wedding, and I stayed at their empty house for three nights. I’ve been doing laundry at a friend’s house, but her outside washing machine has only cold water. The dog bedding especially needed a hot water wash, as the dog smell had been building up over several weeks. I’ve been accumulating clothes as the temperatures drop and I lose weight. I have bought skirts and winter coats at a thrift shop, and a friend has filled out my wardrobe by giving me a few things. I drove an hour to S’s house with the car jam-packed-full of dirty laundry and dirty...
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COMPUTER UP! And online anywhere!

With a new battery, motherboard and power cord, my computer is finally charging properly. (The keyboard locates keys differently than my old one, so expect typos!) Tomorrow morning will be the real test, though. If it charges then, I am back in business. PLUS PLUS PLUS: I now have the ability to go online anywhere I have Verizon cell phone coverage. That means I can post to my blog any time, any where within cell range. The combined result: You will likely hear more from me, more regularly. Again. More importantly, I can now get to a couple jobs I have had on hold, that I could not do in the library. Thanks to...
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The New Camp Site

50% Off at Furniture+ Sale: Last 2 Weekends

Thanks to K2’s generosity and belief in me, I have sold about $1,000 worth of furniture and more in her vacant office space over the past seven weekends. We are now down to the last two weekends, and I have slashed prices of the remaining items by 50%. I still have the art deco lamp, wall fan, oak buffet, hutch, glass coffee table, marble end table, folding theater chairs (with hat racks!), small file cabinet, and walnut bookcase, in addition to smaller decorative plates and such. I have also brought in my barely used 2003 K2 bicycle; it has a smaller frame, perfect for a shorter person. The sale ends at the end of...
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