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This taxonomy reveals the topics I visit and revisit in this blog. It also candidly reveals all the health symptoms I experience currently. I avoid labels and diagnoses where possible, for three reasons.

First, many of them are “negative diagnoses” — i.e. doctors give a group of symptoms a name like “chronic fatigue” because they can not explain the causes.

In addition, during the last 23 years since my health started declining, I have vigilantly avoided incorporating any diagnoses into my identity. I fear that by over-identifying with a condition, my psyche subtly incorporates the condition in a way that might hinder healing.

Third, some health conditions carry not just a stigma but a set of assumptions. I am who I am. Knowing certain diagnoses is likely to cause people to make assumptions about me — some of which might be true, and many of which might not be true. How various conditions manifest in my life is different than other people with the same diagnoses, even mix of diagnoses.

Most people do not see these symptoms in action. I hide them, largely by isolating when I do not feel well. The downside of that is people have no idea what I live with, nor what it takes to appear “normal and healthy.”

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