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About Deborah

Deborah is a former white collar professional whose health has limited her ability to work. Turned down for disability and ineligible for other public benefits due to an IRA, she lives in her car with two dogs whom she refuses to abandon. She works when her unpredictable health permits providing psychic readings, website design and maintenance, writing editing and proofreading, and marketing and fundraising advice.

Before Dumping Your Pets in an Animal Shelter, View This

If you think homeless people should give up their pets, please read this: Why Homeless People ‘Deserve’ Pets If you have ever surrendered an animal to a shelter (kill or no-kill, quality of life is more important than life) then watch this and identify which character you represent:
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Inanna and Gilgamesh: Me and My Lover

Inanna, the goddess who survived many ordeals, knelt by a tree longing for a bed. It was her spirit-friend tree, her solace, the sanctuary to which she escaped when life was too much. Yet the Queen of the Underworld (her dark sister) had taken over the tree, embedding herself comfortably in the trunk. And a serpent lazily twined around, up and down Inanna’s previous source of hope. As she despaired, a friend appeared. Gilgamesh and Inanna had had hard times and would have more. But they cared for and respected each other, and now he was there to help. Now, Gilgamesh was no saint. He was king of Uruk, and we all know that...
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