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About the Writer

Deborah is a former white collar professional whose health has limited her ability to work. Turned down for disability and ineligible for other public benefits due to an IRA, she lives in her car with two dogs whom she refuses to abandon.*

When her unpredictable health permits, she works providing psychic readings; website design and maintenance; writing, editing and proofreading; and marketing and fundraising advice.

She really is a sensitive and accurate psychic empath. If you have ever thought about getting a psychic reading, give it a try. Check out her tweets on her PsychicEmpath Twitter account to see how she informs her spiritual abilities with her interests in science, sociology and anthropology.

On her “Gotta Be Answers” Twitter account she searches for research and resources on her various health conditions.

Her “MidwestHawk” Twitter account description says: “Connecting food production with digestive health. The global food supply is killing us. Food activists and gut-healing diets offer solutions.”

She has not been active on the Twitter accounts since she started living in her car, but people she follows continue to “tweet” important information.

Her LinkedIn profile is accurate through 2007, when her health forced her to stop traveling, keeping appointments or working in her profession. Since 2009 she has worked part-time and on-and-off doing psychic readings, and is available for work that does not require physical labor, exposure to toxins or mold, or keeping a fixed schedule — since she can not predict when the fatigue or other symptoms will hit.

Thanks for reading the blog. Please share with others.

*UPDATE May 2014: In December 2013 a landowner offered Deborah use of about 15 private acres near the (even smaller) town south of where she had been car camping. She (and her dogs) now has three tents (sleeping, clothes/storage, living room), a two-sided metal shed with a metal roof and plywood floor that she has turned into her kitchen, an adjacent wash area with a long plastic table someone bought her, and three electric power cords. She had a loaned space heater for the cold months, and now has a dorm fridge to cool her food, permitting her to cook more and differently than when limited to an ice cooler. Many kind people have loaned or given her items since moving, and she is grateful to all of them.

Thanks to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the state legislature, which dropped the “assets test” that had previously disqualified her from public assistance due to her IRA, Deborah now receives nutrition assistance and health insurance. Having lost a lot of weight fast from hunger in 2013, her weight stabilized as soon as the “food stamps” kicked in — that $117/month in food has made a huge difference.

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