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Food Politics and Hunger in Borderlands Arizona

This short film was one of five picked from 1,300 entries that won this year’s Sundance Institute’s
sundance Short Film Challenge. Native Seeds is right here in Patagonia. Avalon Gardens has outstanding sustainable farming practices (despite unfortunately being a cult based around the personality of a man who believes he is the supreme commander of the solar system, or something like that).

It’s just eight minutes. Check out the film on Video.com, a very cool video site.

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  1. I don’t know if I told you my fathers parents emigrated separately from Ireland and married, he was a silver miner and rancher, later Senator from Arizona. Their ranch is near Harshaw (bought by fed govt to add to Coronado Nat’l Forest many years ago but they still have grazing rights til the last of the daughters die – they still have cattle and one cousin is arancher – she is eary 60’s – ag grad from U of A!). So we love visiting Arizona and plan to go this year I’ll let you know if we’ll be in the vicinity! We have many cousins in Southern Arizona Tumacacori, Tubac, Nogales, Harshaw, Tucson, Phoenix, Kingman.

    • Those roots would impress any local. The area out beyond Harshaw is said to now be a war zone. Cowboys report semi-automatic gunfire. It’s said the Mexican drug cartels are very active there. It’s great you’re coming out this year, I’d love to see you Liza!

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