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Drones Banned from National Parks

Expand this to National Forests, and my summer and fall last year would have been more peaceful: Park Service Bans Drones 

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  1. To me a National forest is like a national park in terms of people’s expectations for being there in nature. There is a lot of invasiveness to drones, and I can’t imagine one coming up suddenly! I hope you’ve been doing well and I am sorry about not making it to Arizona before summer. It will probably be fall now – maybe October I do want to go to Harshaw (near Patagoinia) to see my 94 year old cousin because she is strong in mind but frail in body and I love being with her and her daughters. They live in the Coronado National Forest on a long term lease from the government, who bought there ranch when the forest was young, giving them grazing rights tip their heirs died. My two female cousins in their 60’s, are still grazing 70 or so head of cattle on the land their father previously owned and ranched. Now that he has been dead for ten years, they continue to support themselves with the lease.

    I will definitely try to get in touch with you when I’m there. I enjoy contacting you, and I’m still studying Bowen theory, although Louise is retiring from the Border Program as of now. We will likely have a conference/reception/presentations honoring her retirement, probably late Sept. early Oct.

    Your venture/adventure/life choices seem to e a unique form of working on differentiation of self, and I have loved hearing about it. Take care! LIAQ

  2. How it going kiddo? I have been thinking of you.

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