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Dating as a Homeless Woman

I’ve re-entered the world of Internet dating, something I did a bit of 12 years ago and really enjoyed. Living in a tent complicates those early communications, when you want to share honestly but without divulging too much. Here’s an excerpt today from my third phone conversation with an interesting prospect:

“Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person?” he asked.

“Well, I spend a lot of time outdoors,” I answered. 

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  1. That was a great response! I know that must be a challenge but you seem to have become so adept at handling challenges. I want to hear more and see more. Have you heard from Louise R. at all? She is here for a few weeks.

  2. I was just thinking about you and realizing I hadn’t seen a post for awhile! So nice to see you in my inbox! I think you are so brave looking at internet dating! I am hoping you share your experiences with your loyal readers! Glad you are back writing and posting.

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