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December 2013: I Move from my Car to a Tent


It’s early August and I’m catching up blog entries by posting monthly summaries:

*December: A landowner invited me to move onto about 15 acres of his land, at the base of a cliff below his house. It’s private: Only two neighbors drive by, plus guests and sightseers. I never thought a two-sided metal shack would seem like paradise, but I make this former feed-storage shelter into my kitchen. It has a leveled plywood floor.

I have electric! The landowner generously improved his well pump’s electric hookup, located on ‘my’ driveway, into a higher powered set of plugs capable of supporting a few outdoor extension cords. He also loaned me an electric spaced heater, so my tent is warm through the winter sub-freezing nights.

I sleep in my car the first few weeks while setting up the kitchen and pitching a friend’s tent. Eventually I move bedding from the car to the tent, using an old Army cot someone gave me.

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