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International Visitors to this Blog

From the start I have wondered how people in other countries find this blog, but the answer is the same as anyone in this country: Search engines like Google.

One visitor stood out today. My readership dropped after recent computer problems prevented me from posting daily. So I was surprised that today I had 194 page loads.

Looking at the usage statistics for today I discovered someone in Switzerland had searched www.Google.ch for the keywords “homeless for my health.” I was fifth and sixth in the results.
They subsequently spent more than three hours on the blog and had 125 page views. I have to assume that counts one page’s reloading multiple times, because I don’t think I have 125 pages. (Do I?)

international readers about homelessness


In the same search results I found another thoughtful blog about being homeless. She is marking her one year anniversary of being homeless. Check it out!

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