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Confirmed: Cows ARE Everywhere

Cows on Arizona public lands

Cattle-proofing the campsite: Anything cows might trample or poop on went up on the cot.

Last night a young man employed by a large local ranch and a woman equally informed about ranching gave me a good education about cattle and land management.
First, my impressions are correct: Right now cows are everywhere. In fact, the young man works for the ranch that is running cattle through the area in which I’m currently camping.
They’ve just gotten started, he says. There are many more cows to come.
So, I asked, trying to find a place to camp on public land that has no cows is impossible right now? Yes, he said, at least within cell phone range. (I need cell phone reception in order to continue working. Plus it’s good for safety.)
Which means that now my appeal for a place to park is limited to private landholders. My ideal is a large property so that I can camp out of sight of the house; that way the homeowner need not interact with me if they don’t want to. But the largest spreads have cattle and/or horses. And almost everybody out here has dogs.
My dogs are prone to take too much interest in cows and horses. And while the large dog, Carlos, gets along with anyone with a heartbeat (well, unless you’re a rabbit, in which case I think the rabbit would disagree), the smaller dog, Dwyn, is not always good with other dogs. And in any case, my dogs make a ruckus barking when they see other animals.
So, it’s not looking good. 
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