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Displaced by Cattle AGAIN

arizona free range cattle management

Bovine Visitors: The view from my car Wednesday morning.

Cattle are EVERYWHERE. I saw them in the area (i.e. between cattle guards) driving to the site two nights ago. The next morning about a dozen ambled by 50 feet from the car. I piled the tents and the outdoor rugs I use for dog beds on top of the army cot someone gave me. “Cows will walk over everything,” someone pointed out recently.
Last night, after the heavy rain that left both dogs wet and me curled up around Carlos’ seat, I opened the door to let Carlos out and he immediately barked. I swore, called him back in and closed the door. A while later I opened it and Carlos exited without incident. But I heard two cows “groaning” a few feet away.
They don’t really “moo” you know. They sound like a person dying an agonizing slow death.
No cow pies in the site yet but it’s just a matter of time. The flies are back.
It’s hard to even know where to look for a new site, since I did a lot of searching before.
I am more depressed than I’ve been since the start of all this.
See “greatest needs” if you think you might know of a place to which I can relocate.
I know it could be much worse.
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