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I’ve been sitting in this room full of my furniture for 3-1/2 hours waiting for customers. One came in but won’t have cash until Monday (and I can only take cash or Paypal). Three cars came into the small plaza’s parking lot, slowly turned around and left. I’m not sure why, unless my car’s disarray scared them off. I put a wooden filing cabinet outside and a few other pretty things to encourage people to shop.

My neck/lower skull/upper back hurts constantly now. I need a chiropractic adjustment but without a major sale or other miracle it’s not going to happen. Once again I’m hungry and broke; I finished the last of the rice cakes earlier this morning. I’m sleepy and it’s not even noon. I slept poorly with both dogs in the car last night

The pastor who is letting me use the back yard of his church dropped by with a New Testament and two other Christian books about getting through hard times. It’s nice, thank you Pastor M. 

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