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I Haven’t Found My Rhythm At This New Campsite

It’s been two or three weeks since I set up a new camp north of town. I haven’t had any drug runner or Border Patrol scares — except last night when I heard a car approach and stop, but the dogs didn’t notice it so I was able to get to sleep.

The site is close to K’s house — the place with a formerly leaky roof and presumably a lot of mold. I now wash clothes there and hang them dry. We’ve been combining resources and cooking together a fair amount, and sometimes we’ll hang out and talk. Of course, the problem with all that is that the house gives me a mold reaction. I frequently wear a whole-face mold mask there, but not when I’m eating. And talking in it is uncomfortable. Plus frankly I don’t know how effective this mask is against mold.

As a result I have been low energy at best and exhausted at worst every day. I have not been available to take psychic reading calls as often as I had been before the move, which has reduced the income stream to a trickle.

At the old campsites south of town, I was only 10-15 minutes to civilization. I had a daily rhythm of organizing the site, bathing, going into town, working at the wifi sites, taking calls and retiring not long after dark. Plus, if energy, weather and supplies permitted I would also either cook on the camping propane bottles or buy a meal in town.

Now I am 20-25 minutes outside town; the increased gas expense is a problem. Nights are interrupted not by drug runners but by the calls of close-in coyotes and presumed bobcats, which get my dogs barking and sometimes make me give up 25% of my sleeping space so that I can bring Carlos into the car where I’m sure he’s safe.

I am lucky to have strong cell phone reception here, so I can take calls. But I’ve been so exhausted that I have not taken many — and that came on the heels of the days I used all my energy moving storage etc., when I was also not available regularly. Now, when I am available for calls, they come few and far between — probably a result of customers getting out of the habit of seeing me plus the usual summer doldrums.

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