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I Miss My Chiropractor

I hurt. Saturday later afternoon K and I were getting something out of her car and the hatch fell on my head. Sunday night trying to sleep, the pain announced itself. And again Monday night. Both nights I took a muscle relaxant, which let me sleep but kept me sleepy the following days. I don’t have any ibuprofen or alternatives, and right now I don’t even have money to get my gas tank above the empty mark. Besides, a lot of drugstore painkillers have corn starch, which will just cause more pain in a few days.

Sitting now on Tuesday the muscles from my mid-back up to the neck feel like drying concrete settling into the wrong shape.

When I had money I would have immediately made an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment and/or cranial-sacral therapy. In the past something like this could cause me pain for weeks, even with the pain relief that treatment provides. Let’s hope not this time, although I have no rational reason to expect it to be different.

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