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Mosquitos, Chiggers and Flies, Oh My!

I’m sitting in the car, trying to work, but in between every few words I type I stop to smack a mosquito or fly. It’s a little before before sunset, my favorite time of the day. But during the monsoons, which have been in full swing for a couple weeks (rain almost every day), the kings and queens of dusk are mosquitoes.

My body is a colorful reminder that I moved stuff to new storage last weekend (i.e. bruises everywhere) and that the bugfest is taking its toll. I have an itchy half-inch welt on my left wrist that is getting bigger every day. The tiny bump between my fingers itches just as much.

You get the idea, I won’t list them all, though some artless photos might tell the story.

Are mosquitoes evolving into faster and hardier? They seem to both avoid getting slapped with greater agility, and to survive better when they are whacked. Or maybe my eye-hand coordination isn’t what it used to be.

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