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Carlos Brings Home Fly Nectar

Take a look at the pic: Carlos’ hair is brown on the neck and chest, not the back. The brown wet crap on the back is just that: cow crap.

The two dogs came back from a morning romp wet. It’s possible the “swimming hole” they discovered is the cattle tank a while up the road. I wish Carlos had rolled in cow pies first and THEN swum.

I made the mistake of rinsing him right next to the car — i.e. this campsite’s best parking spot. Liquified cow shit sank into the soil, creating a spa for the flies that woke me up every day since. Contrary to previous inclinations, I have been hoping for rain so that it washes away the fly nectar. Although it has rained in town several times since, the rain has passed over my campsite each time.

Flies are thick where liquified cow shit sits and sinks into the soil.


Carlos after rolling in cow pies.

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