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Thank you, Governor Brewer

As a left-leaning Democrat, I never thought I’d say those words about Arizona’s conservative and sometimes flamboyantly whacky (remember her wagging her finger at President Obama?) governor.

But to say she went out on a limb to pass the federal-endorsed expansion of Medicaid is an understatement. The Tucson Weekly said it well: “a stunning display of political muscle.”

A politically savvy friend explained that the state’s health care industry — including hospitals who would continue to be left holding the bag for treating uninsured people — convinced the governor that billions of dollars were at stake. That’s enough money to forget Tea Party “I hate Obama” and “beware the feds” nonsense and be true to the real basis of conservatism: money.

And this radical former activist agrees.

Brewer’s numbers, via the June 20 Tucson Weekly: provide insurance for 300,000 uninsured people (myself included, see related post), save the state $100 million, and bring in an estimated $4.1 billion in federal dollars between fiscal years 2014 and 2016.

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June 20 Tucson Weekly

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