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Famine Bingeing

Hunger Chapter Three:
Famine Bingeing

I have been so hungry so often since beginning this car-living adventure.

In the past I have struggled with a sugar addiction and sugar binges. But when it came to sitting down for a healthy meal, I stopped when I was full.

I’m noticing a famine response now. Instead of stopping when I’m full, I keep going until everything on the plate is gone. It’s only partly conscious, but the new mindset seems to say, who knows when I’ll have a meal again. Plus, overeating does keep me full farther into the day, a day when I might not find anything else to eat.
homelessness and hunger
Plus, food does not store well in a cooler full of either a bag of ice or tepid water from melted ice. The usual restaurant “doggie bags” — these days usually flimsy styrofoam boxes — fall over, spill food and invite in water. So either eat it now or it will likely spoil or drown.

Fortunately, my sugar cravings have declined, which is good since I shouldn’t and often can’t spend money on sugar anyway.

One day recently, though, I was appalled to find myself making poor budget choices. I bought ice cream and then found myself short of funds for dog food, and with no money for real food. There was definitely an almost juvenile “but I’ve been so good, can’t I treat myself” aspect to it.

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