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Failing to Find a Feasible Campsite, I Camp Amongst the Masses

I am more discouraged today than since I started living in my car. I no longer know where to look for camp sites that meet all my criteria: a) cell phone coverage b) a low frequency of fresh cow pies c) not near a horse trail so my dogs don’t harass the horses or interact with riders’ dogs d) level, and e) shade.

I spent all afternoon looking east and north of my previous campsite, which is now covered in wildfire smoke. A horseback rider had told me that USFS land to the south had neither cattle nor horse trails, but I could neither open nor close the wire and stick fences on that road.

The Arizona Fish and Game lands are LOADED with cow pies, to a disgusting degree:


Happy Camping! I found this campsite, covered with cow pies, on Arizona Game and Fish lands.

Hungry and distressed about money, I returned to the canyon. Being Memorial Day weekend, most campsites were taken, but I found one that works for now despite a lack of shade, the presence of some fresh cow pies and inadequate cell coverage.

I’d been looking forward to cooking rice and having it with the zucchini and tomatoes. But they’d gone bad. The Styrofoam cooler Shari gave me fell apart after five days of pulling my laptop in and out from its spot next to the cooler.

The old arrogant camper-supreme of my Girl Scout childhood surfaced in the form of disgust with some of the neighboring holiday campers. “There’s always yahoos who think they own the universe and have a right to make as much noise as they wish,” I thought. One open-aired buggy traveled around with radio blaring. Another group of people shouted and laughed well into the night.

I invoked the Light and asked to be filled with unconditional love. Even for yahoos. (Thanks, J.)

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