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Moonbow and Purple Light

I have never caught a spiritual artifact on film until tonight.

I have told few people this: After I first started doing psychic readings in early 2009, I started seeing roundish purple dots at night. I noticed it first when my eyes were closed in bed. By then, I had seen colors floating “behind my eyelids” countless times and for many years. But this time, I still saw it when I opened my eyes. The purple, which sometimes morphed into white, moved around. Its location remained the same with eyes closed and open. It happened only in the dark and inside.

moonbow-moon rainbow-spiritual artifacts

A moonbow plus purple Light

While settling in to tonight’s camp site, I noticed that the moon was surrounded by a moon “rainbow.” I have found these beautiful occurrences to be not uncommon, but rare enough to take notice. I took out my camera.

My left hand had been shaking that day (presumably an MS symptom), so it took many attempts to get the picture without the moon’s shape getting distorted. Along the way, I looked up and to the left of the camera (not through the camera) and saw a purple light. It was still there when I looked through the viewfinder, although it had moved a bit to the right, into the moon’s aura. I wondered if it would show up on the photo.

It did. This is an unedited photo, except that its size has been reduced. The yellow ring is what was left of the moonbow. The middle light is the moon shining through cloud cover. The purple circle is at six o’clock.

My understanding is that when something shows up on a photo that was not visible to the naked eye, one’s first question should be whether it could be a trick of the light. But in this case, I saw it moving around with my naked eye, within feet of me, and then documented it on the photo.

In 2009, a few months after the lights began, I bought a psychic reading from someone on Keen. I did not tell him about the colors, which I had just accepted without explanation. He told me that for a few months I had been receiving “downloads of light” as part of my spiritual development.

Well, okay then. Some things that are very “real” have not yet been explained by science. I think this is one of them.

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