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Instant Response? Creating My Reality?

arizona skies

A dancer in the sky? Or a desperate person frantically running?

I tell you what, I am not sure life gets much better than this: Sitting outside, topless in the waning light, under a cloudless sky and in perfect temperature. Two critters who love, obey, and adore me lying next to me, gazing up at me like I’m the center of their universe, which of course I am. Mountains behind me, mountains before me, mountains beside me, meadow around me. Trees gifting shade and beauty. Grass – well…

The dogs bark. Carlos actually looks at me as he bounds away, expecting me to tell him to stop but knowing he won’t. “Stay! Come!” I put the laptop aside, jump up, lean into the car and grab a shirt. I put it on inside out while still leaning in, expecting to see a horseback rider in plain view when I emerge.

But no. The dogs trot back. False alarm. I sit back down with my laptop.

AACK! A bug just crawled down into my keyboard! I don’t see it! Oh my, it had to have gone away, right? Or will I find it when it crunches when I type a key? Already, my numeral six key doesn’t work. I have to copy and paste my phone number on forms. Just how deep into the computer can they get?

Anyway, I was going to break my high-on-the-world rant, above, by noting that the grass is full of chiggers. In the next instant my dogs took off. Some New Agers who say our thoughts create our reality would say “Ha! Told you so! You switched to negativity and the universe responded.”

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