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TMI: Too Much Information

A couple notes without context, to try to keep it tasteful: I discovered this book many many years ago, although I’d already learned most of it as a regular camper during my childhood. How to Shit in the Woods is now in its third edition.

Sometimes I set things up before hand. Because by the time I find a spot, scrape out a hole, and gather piles of stones, branches and grass – well, the moment has passed.

Ever noticed how your body times itself to the availability of facilities? There’s a piece of my subconscious that says, “No way. Not here, not now, no matter the need. I’ll wait for a toilet seat.” I’ll probably have to regularly reassure my body not to listen to that prissy voice.

Besides, some toilet seats are worse than my plastic step stool. Having chemical sensitivities means that exposure to air deodorizers, wall-mounted solid fragrances and perfumed cleaning products usually give me a headache.

One local restroom uses multiple wall-mounted scent vaporizers of the WORST kind – the kind, like the plug-ins, that stick to my hair and clothes afterward. Ever driven with your head out the window to air out your hair? Or put your clothes in a garbage bag upon arrival at home to keep the scent in? And, while some colognes and perfumes no longer give me headaches or brain fog, these do.

Note to self: Buy Bija Gentle Senna Tea.

But back to camp: I cover my small folding plastic stepstool with Glad Press’n Seal. The stool accommodates my knees. The Press’n Seal keeps the stool clean. The Press’n Seal peels off and gets buried with the rest. Works great.


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