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Why I don’t have a pot or skillet

Before moving out of my old house, the kitchen was among the last room I packed. I had a sinkful of dirty dishes I was going to wash. But I forgot that someone had already bought the outdoor grill and was coming to pick it up. I didn’t heat jug water on the grill in time, before they came to pick it up.

“So there’s a first for everything,” I thought. “I’ll have to pack dirty dishes.”

Oh, right. First I have to tell you that I was unable to keep up with my water bill over that winter. The water company shut off service sometime in the late fall, I think it was. Even when I had water, I had even earlier not been able to refill the propane tank, so I had no hot water — and no heat all winter. (Yes, it does get cold up here — nights in teens and 20s are frequent.) I moved the computer into my bedroom, which I heated with an electric heater. I took bucket baths in the shower or the bidet. (Don’t get me started; I LOVE bidets. And they are NOT just for women, since women are NOT the only ones who “stink” “down there!”)

I heated water in three large pots on the outdoor grill, then used it to bath or wash dishes.


My bedroom-office-living room last winter.

Move scheduling was tight for and for the people who bought the grill. I thought I’d be moved out by the time the outdoor grill went away, but I was still resident. My agitation increasing, I realized I had no way to cook or to clean dishes. I “placed” the dirty items in a large box. I can’t say “packed.” And I wasn’t to “throwing,” yet.

By the time I got to the clean kitchen items and started packing a second large box, I was “tossing” them into the box. Somewhere between the start of box one and the end of box two I’d decided there was no point in careful packing because I was just going to get rid of all of it.

What was the point. See, at that point, I had a plan. continued in “Serious Reading”

postscript: How many blogs will have links to the Salvation Army and bidets in the same post?


My stove, oven and hot water heater during the last winter in my house.

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