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Cow Pies

100_2738GardnerCanyonCowPies 100_2742Use4firstCowpieReferenceWhen I was staying with my friend, my last residence before the car, my dogs had a relatively small fenced yard, so I took them out running every day or two. I discovered a US Forest Service dirt road with plentiful side roads. Signs of old campfires and not-so-old parties were common.

So my first night in the car I parked in a spot there. The next few nights I poked around the area, looking for spots that were private, where any partiers or others who drove by road wouldn’t see me. I found a few, including good shade. But what my dogs found was more problematic.

Did you know our USFS lands are full of cow shit?

It’s true, at least out here, and up in Montana when I visited there 20+ years ago. I was camping in meadows full of cow pies. And my smaller dog Dwyn loves to roll in them. I discovered his affinity for poop when I would walk him near my old house. If I didn’t pay enough attention, he would run off onto a neighbor’s property and come back smelling like horse manure.

Dwyn returned from his latest romp with an 8-inch diameter spot of smelly brown wet stuff on his left shoulder. Fortunately I had five gallons of water on me that morning, so I could drench him liberally. Previously (i.e. when I lived in a house) I would don plastic gloves and fill a bucket with warm soapy water yadda yadda. This time I poured once, rubbed in Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap with bare hands, and scrubbed with my nail brush.

(I had pulled my nail brush out of storage when even washing my hair did not remove the dirt rings around my cuticles and under my nails. I should have taken a pic. They look better now. Though a manicurist would cringe. )

If I didn’t want a repeat of this dog bath, I had to move.

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