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Inanna and Gilgamesh: Me and My Lover

Inanna, the goddess who survived many ordeals, knelt by a tree longing for a bed. It was her spirit-friend tree, her solace, the sanctuary to which she escaped when life was too much. Yet the Queen of the Underworld (her dark sister) had taken over the tree, embedding herself comfortably in the trunk. And a serpent lazily twined around, up and down Inanna’s previous source of hope. As she despaired, a friend appeared. Gilgamesh and Inanna had had hard times and would have more. But they cared for and respected each other, and now he was there to help. Now, Gilgamesh was no saint. He was king of Uruk, and we all know that...
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My 3rd Monsoons: Kissing Bugs, Ticks and Pack Rats oh my!

Where pack rats go, so go bugs that bite and suck around the nose and mouth – or anywhere – at night. Big nasty kissing bugs. I found one IN my bed when I shook out my blanket this week. I killed it. It was so full of bright red blood (human? canine?) that it’s probably permanently stained the piece of clothing I killed it with. The day before I found a tick crawling up the tent wall. The wall against which my cot is pushed. One foot above the mattress. Dwyn was sporting a cozy collection of four small ticks on his forehead, all huddled together. I’ve pulled out ticks swollen beyond belief...
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Tent not so waterproof in hard rain storm

I just ripped a 2-1/2 foot slit in my tent’s roof while using a former shovel handle to push up and out the pools of water accumulating in the latest heavy rain storm. Duct tape doesn’t adhere well to wet nylon. So I have a fast leak filling up the dogs’ indoor water bowl. And more pools accumulating in the outside tarps, not all of which I can reach from inside (stick or no stick). I’ll see if I can get the video and pics posted.
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Gunshots in the night, very close

(Note: This incident happened just before Thanksgiving 2014. I wrote the first draft November 21 and just rescued it from my pile of unpublished drafts.) The bullets’ rhythms were similar each time: three or four shots closely but not evenly spaced. The first time was closer than I’ve ever experienced. I’d guess the shots originated a couple hundred feet away, behind my tent while I dressed for bed. It was close enough for me to jump and my brain to freeze into attention. A few seconds later shots were fired to my right. I swore, then yelled “Hey, there’s people here!” I felt riled enough to shout but not brave enough to employ maximum...
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Food Politics and Hunger in Borderlands Arizona

This short film was one of five picked from 1,300 entries that won this year’s Sundance Institute’s Short Film Challenge. Native Seeds is right here in Patagonia. Avalon Gardens has outstanding sustainable farming practices (despite unfortunately being a cult based around the personality of a man who believes he is the supreme commander of the solar system, or something like that). It’s just eight minutes. Check out the film on Video.com, a very cool video site.
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